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Where is the best place for anyone to ask a food safety and inspection question or concern?

The USDA (The US Department of Agriculture) is a government provided service available to us all.

What if I can’t find an expiry date on one of your products?

Our canned meats are heat treated to ensure an extended shelf life outside of refrigeration. The products are completely safe for a very long time. However, we feel that the peak of quality is reached at three years for chicken products and five years for pork or beef products, provided the tin is sealed and not damaged in any way. Once the tin is opened, the products should be consumed or kept refrigerated for a maximum of three days in a separate container. Because it is such a long shelf life product, we do not apply an expiration date. We do print code dating information on all of our cans. Most of the time our code dating information is printed either on the top or bottom of the can in the following format:

Code Interpretation:A= Julian Code for year of Production (9 = 2009, 0 = 2010, 1 = 2011 and etc.)
XXX = Julian Code for day of Production (124 = May 4th because it is the 124th day of the year)
YYYY = Military Time Registration for can filling format (HourHourMinuteMinute)
ZZZ = Recipe Number
Code Example:1053 1325 200 - This means the product was produced on February 22, 2011 at 1:25pm and is our recipe number 200.

Our code dating in this format is ALWAYS dated the day the product is produced and not the day the product expires.

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