Food Safety



Food safety is always on our minds at Zwanenberg. We embrace a responsibility to produce safe, high quality canned meats. With a long history of production for international trade within our European factories, our Company in the USA is built to meet the most stringent requirements.

All of our employees are empowered to challenge any part of the manufacturing process if they suspect a food safety issue.

We continuously train, coach and mentor our manufacturing employees relative to food safety and safety based manufacturing practices.

Our Quality Assurance Department monitors all production steps throughout each operating day and the USDA inspects our facility on a daily basis. Zwanenberg submits to various third party inspections each year as well as our own Company audits conducted by our European experts on an ongoing basis.

Quality Assurance enjoys a direct bypass in our corporate structure directly to our General Manager on any food safety issue that they feel is not being immediately addressed by operations. There is no conflict or questions. Food Safety is good business and our top management insists on it.

Zwanenberg means high quality, safe canned meats. You can bank on it.

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