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In 1929, Mr. Th. S. van der Laan began a small meat processing plant in The Hague, the capital city of Holland. Mr. Van der Laan made his meat products at night and delivered them the following day.

Today, now known as Zwanenberg Food Group, through that same hard work ethic, we have become an international leader in the processed meat business. Starting in 1981, we began a rapid expansion with our first major acquisition in Raalte, The Netherlands. In 1983, we launched our flagship production facility in Almelo, The Netherlands. Following several more acquisitions, a major deal with Unilever brought the Zwan brand franchise and the Zwanenberg name to our organization. This deal secured our leadership position in processed meats in many world markets and placed Zwanenberg directly in the center of the growing Halal certified food production business.

Across our diverse group we share broad competencies in a wide variety of meat processing technologies, including 80 years of continuous canned meat expertise.

While continuing to grow through acquisition, Zwanenberg has also grown from within; in 2006, we opened our first USA production facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this state of the art facility we produce a range of canned meat products for the U.S. and international markets. Our U.S. launch quickly gained critical mass with many customer supply agreements in hand, developed over the years by importing our European production. By utilizing Zwanenberg's extensively developed base of technical expertise, we created a well founded and viable enterprise in record time.

Today, Zwanenberg Food Group USA, Inc. is very strong and we look forward to a significant new investment in our facility.

The future looks bright as we continue to partner with numerous strong and well established U.S. and international customers. We continue to invest in R&D, new manufacturing processes while fiercely protecting our dedication to outstanding quality in all that we do.

In 2011, Zwanenberg completed an acquisition of Vietti Foods Company. Based in Nashville, TN, the company produces chili, stews, pastas, soups, corned beef hash and other products using hot-pack technology. We are constantly transforming ourselves as an organization and each day brings a renewed commitment to deliver quality products to our consumers.

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Zwanenberg to acquire Vietti Foods in Nashville, Tennessee

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